Does size matter? Chiefs fans watch on bigger screen TVs on average than 49ers, survey finds

Picture of TV playing the Chiefs
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — In an argument over whether size matters, Chiefs fans take the cake when it comes to how they watch their beloved football team.

Recently, PCMag, a tech publication, surveyed 1,000 fans from the top four football teams in the 2019-20 season: the Chiefs, the Packers, the Titans and the 49ers. They wanted to find out how fans watch their teams when they don’t get to go to the games in person.

As it turns out, Chiefs fans overwhelmingly reported watching on screens as big as or larger than 71-inches — 47 percent. The 49ers came in dead last out of the four teams’ fans with only 13 percent.

Standard TVs are considered to be between 46-70-inches across.

As far as how people are getting the game, most fans are not streaming, which means most people still have the classic cable hookup. However, as streaming sites increase in popularity, this number may rise in the future.

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