Dog back at Northland owner’s side after a year-and-a-half long disappearance

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- After a year-and-a-half on his own a 9-year-old yellow lab is back with his Northland family. The owners received a phone call on Christmas Eve that Brodie had been found in Olathe. Thanks to a microchip, veterinary hospital staff were able to find the dog’s owners.

“Once he gave me a sniff down that was it, he didn’t leaved my side after that,” said Troy Peterson, who has owned Brodie for nearly a decade.

A couple noticed Brodie roaming around their Olathe neighborhood and tried to catch him for weeks. Finally, after using food to lure him in they were able to get a wounded and hungry Brodie in their arms and get him to BluePearl Animal Hospital.

“The couple who found him were absolutely amazing, I think they waited in the waiting room with him for three hours until we got there, they didn’t leave his side,” said Peterson.

Peterson said the couple who found Brodie not only spent their Christmas Eve at an animal hospital but also secretly paid the bill and then slipped out.

Brodie escaped from the Peterson’s backyard after they put in new fencing and lost his collar in the process. Peterson said the family searched for him for weeks with no luck.

“I walked every street for miles in every direction looking in ditches and everything else and just couldn’t find him anywhere,” Peterson told FOX 4.

Brodie was found with wounds on his back paws but is expected to heal up quickly. Peterson said Brody won’t leave his side and is enjoying having his spot on the couch back. Peterson told FOX 4 he is excited to have his hunting buddy back. As to what Brody was up to over the past year-and-a-half, it remains a mystery.



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