Dog dies after being neglected and abandoned in Kansas City home

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — One of two dogs found abandoned and neglected inside a Kansas City, Missouri, home died after multiple attempts to save him.

“Some reported an abandoned home to animal control,” said Teresa Johnson, the Executive Director of KC Pet Project.

Johnson says when animal control went to this home on Monroe street, what they found was unsettling.

“They walked in and here were two dogs that had apparently been there a very long time,” Johnson added. “One of them in particular, Gabriel, was laying on the floor, frankly barely conscious.”

Johnson says the dogs were staying in unsanitary conditions.

“Those dogs waited day after day after day for someone to come, and they were hungry and they were thirsty and no one came. I don`t know how long they`d been there, but this dog in particular did not get in this condition overnight,” she said.

Gabriel was rushed to the shelter at KC Pet Project.

“He was very emaciated, very, very thin, in fact, that`s why he was so weak, he was unable to even stand up,” said Johnson.

She says they had to act quickly just to stabilize him.

“He had a lot of scars and puncture wounds all over his face, he was covered in fleas, very dehydrated, his body temperature was so low it didn’t register on our thermometer,” she said.

They were giving him fluids and medications overnight.

“We saw him stand up yesterday for the first time, and be able to eat out of a bowl on his own, he was still very weak, but we really thought maybe he was turning the corner,” said Johnson.

But to no avail.

“His body condition was so poor, and he was so far gone, he just unfortunately couldn’t make it,” said Johnson.

Johnson says they get tons of dogs that were abandoned in homes. She says there are plenty of resources available in Kansas City, and abandoning them is not the answer.

For more information:

Animal control has responded to this address four times this year and several citations have been issued. Animal Control initiates investigations in response to complaints by residents who contact the 311 Center.

4-12-2014 – One dog was running loose and no one at the house would answer the door when the Animal Control Officer tried to make contact to investigate.

5-19-2015 – Animal control went there to investigate a possible case of having too many dogs at one home. The owner was being very uncooperative and the Animal Control Officer needed to call a supervisor and the police for backup. When KCPD arrived, Animal Control was able to inspect the property. Four dogs were rescued from the property at that time, and the investigation resulted in citations being issued for being over the limit.

6-14-2015 – Cruelty investigation:  An officer observed dogs with no food, water or shelter, however, the dogs seemed to be in good health. The officer warned the owners about not having dog houses for the dogs and issued citations for no city license.

7-3-2015 – Animal control went to the home to investigate again for dogs running loose. A notice was left at the home, no one home and no dogs on-site.

9-14-2015 – Abandonment investigation. Two officers went to the address to investigate an animal abandonment tip. Upon arrival they contacted the maintenance man from the property management, he then directed officers to the front room of the residence.  The officers rescued two dogs and immediately transported them to the animal shelter for immediate medical evaluations.  A supervisor and the special investigator were notified and joined the investigation.

Given that a dog has now died, animal control is taking another look at the case.



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