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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A man has burns to the face and his dog was killed in a house fire Friday morning in Kansas City’s Northland.

The man was reportedly sleeping when he was awakened by his roommate screaming that the living room was on fire.

When firefighters arrived, the home was fully-engulfed in flames.

“It’s fast. It’s really fast. The fire just starts. By the time you go here, the fire’s up here. Black smoke kicks down. You can’t breath it so you gotta get out when it’s bad,” said James, one of the man’s roommates.

James and a woman named Edith had just moved in with the homeowner a week ago.

“I was downstairs in the basement and I was coming upstairs and the fire was coming up the ceiling and the homeowner was sleeping so I got him up and got him out, tried to put some water on it but the fire was just engulfed, the house was too much so I got my TV and the computer out of the basement and that was about it,” said James.

The man’s niece said he suffered burns to his face and was on oxygen at the hospital. James told FOX 4’s Kathy Quinn that the man did not have insurance. He also said the homeowner’s pit bull was ‘real nice’ and was saddened that it didn’t survive.

“We’re homeless. I really feel bad for the homeowner. He didn’t have insurance and just getting everything out, and just trying to get out of the fire. It just happened so quick,” James said.