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EXMOUTH, England — They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. But when man’s best friend eats girl’s best friend, what’s a woman to do but wait?

That’s what Angie Collins did after her 18-month-old German Shepherd snacked on her $29,556 ring.

She said she set it on a table and left the room to manicure her nails. When she returned, the band was on the floor, mangled — and missing the diamond. She guessed her “inquisitive” dog was to be blamed.

Collins and her husband took Jack the dog to the vet, concerned for his health. The vet said an x-ray wouldn’t show the diamond because it was made out of carbon. He added that it was possible the diamond could get stuck in a pocket of the dog’s stomach, but that there was a chance Jack could poo it out.

So Collins waited.

She told the Daily Mail, “As a dog walker you always keep your pet’s poop in a bag, so I took it home and sprayed it with the hose pipe and sieved it every single day — four times a day at least.”

On the third attempt, she struck gold — er, she found the diamond.

“There is was, glinting in the sun,” she told the Exeter Express and Echo.

Collins said she plans on having it reset and getting it insured.