KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Animal Services investigators with KC Pet Project are looking into an unusually disturbing case of possible animal cruelty.

A dog was found hanged in a tree Friday at Blue Valley Park at 23rd Street and Topping Avenue.

The dog’s owner, a great-grandmother who lives in apartments near the park, can’t believe the way he was killed.

“I have no idea why they did it, none,” Nancy Morgan said.

“Buddy,” a two-year-old terrier mix, got his name because he was Morgan’s best friend. Like a buddy, he was always there alerting family to dips in insulin from diabetes and her falls.

“Any kind of problem I had, he was there with me, he barked, he raised the devil,” Morgan said.

Through a mix-up with family, he got left tied up out back while Morgan was out to dinner. When she got home, he was gone.

“I called for him out back, we checked the neighborhood,” she said.

The family called KC Pet Project to see if he was brought in. A day later, the shelter called them down to say someone found Buddy at Blue Valley Park right down the street from their home.

“He called me in and showed me Buddy and he was dead. They found him in a plastic bag hanging from a tree in the park,” Morgan said.

Morgan wonders if dog nappers discovered Buddy was partial to her and chose an inhumane way to dispose of him.

“If they just would have brought him back and hooked him up and knocked on the door or just anything.
“I have no idea why someone would be that mean and do what they did with Buddy,” she said.

KC Pet Project says the bag Buddy was found in was a Goodwill plastic bag. The rope was frayed on the end. No obvious wounds were found.

Anyone with information is asked to call 816-683-1373. You can also leave an anonymous tip on KC Pet Project’s website.