CAMERON, Mo. — A celebrated nabber of the bad guys is spending some time in Missouri.

Dog the Bounty Hunter visited the Missouri correctional center in Cameron, Missouri, on Tuesday, hoping to inspire some of the most hardened criminals.

The big bad Dog switched his focus from arresting those who commit crimes to helping them find a purpose.

As hope filled the room of lost dreams and wasted potential, Dog and a group of worshipers seek to make these men believe tomorrow can be a brighter day.

“It is important for me to be here today because this is part of my destiny. This is the reason God created me,” Dog “The Bounty Hunter” Chapman said.

He joined a faith-based service that picks those who society cast away and gives them hope, not only because they choose to but many have been in similar shoes.

One of the organizers, Bill Corum, spent decades in prison in more than 10 states.

“The mission is to tell them that the choices they make can change the rest of their life. And if they make the right choices, their life can be different,” Corum said.

For the inmates, it’s something they’ve looked forward to and jump at whenever given the chance.

“When we get to do something like this, we said, ‘You know what? There is people that care about us out there,’” said Steven Turner, who’s serving a life without the chance of parole sentence.

They don’t want to be defined by their mistakes but instead the 180-degree they have transformed into.

“We’re not the man we used to be, and we believe in second chance, just like I was a soldier for the streets. Today, I’m a soldier for the Lord,” Turner said.

The prison ministry travels to more than 500 prisons; the goal is to take those lost dreams and turn them into a reason these men don’t give up on themselves even when the world has.

“I’ve been there, done that. I found the way out. I found the treasure, and I’m going to show my brothers and sisters the roadmap,” Dog said.

Turner has already served 23 years, and his message is to learn how to protect each other. As for Bill, Dog and their crew, they’ll be at several prisons in the region through Sunday.