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February 07 2021 05:30 pm
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- Ever thought about how many hours you spend shampooing, drying and styling? It's enough to make your hair stand on end. The secret is out: You can have a fabulous 'do with less shampooing.

Rinse and repeat and repeat and repeat. For decades, many women have had a daily affair with their hair.

"I was always like a chronic shampooer every single day," said Steph Doss.

Katie Clark added, "So sometimes even twice a day."

Now they're sparing their strands.

"It's been about a week," said Ginni Steele.

And Steele never does the shampooing herself anymore. She's riding a new wave with weekly visits to a blow-dry bar. Places like Posh KC specialize in the wash and style. It's sort of like the good ole shampoo and set at the beauty parlor. That was how our mothers and grandmothers sudsed and socialized.

"I remember thinking, oh, it was pretty odd, too, but now here I am," said Steele.

Clark said, "I used to think my grandma was a little bit crazy 'cause she would just get her hair washed once a week."

Now they've discovered a dirty little secret to great style.

"Too clean of hair gets it too flat, it doesn't have any volume so a little of that dirtiness kinda does," said stylist Joey Figueiredo of Daicy

Michela Fisher, a stylist with Posj KC said, "It just looks a lot nicer. Those natural oils can be in there and it keeps your hair nice and healthy."

Doss now goes four or five days between shampoos.

"It's not as dry. It grows a lot faster than it was. Oh, my color lasts way longer," she said.

But the less shampoo movement isn't for every mane.

"My hair being long and thin and straight, I have to wash my hair at least every other day," said Dr. Anne Neeley, a skin specialist with KMC Dermatology.

Dr. Neeley said people with thicker or curlier hair can definitely go longer between shampoos, but she would never recommend longer than a week.

"Because the build-up of oil on the scalp can cause some certain conditions, specifically sebhorreic dermatitis, which results in flaking of the scalp."

About that oil -- it can be shot down with dry shampoo. A burst in those products is a big reason why many can and are lathering less.

" A lot of people use those dry shampoos not just for oiliness but for the texture, for volume," said Figueiredo.

"It definitely soaks up the oil that's in there," said Clark.

And shampooing isn't soaking up as much of Clark's time.

"Saves me at least an hour in the mornings which is amazing."

Fisher added, "The dry shampoo thing has been life-changing for me and everyone else I work with."

Steele uses it occasionally, too, but with her dryer, thicker hair, she can get by with weekly shampooing and styling at the blow-dry bar.

"I love it so I'll keep doin' it," she said.

She's doing it for a fabulous 'do.



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