KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Confirmation that the Department of Justice is investigating the Kansas City, Missouri Fire Department.

A spokeswoman for City Manager Brian Platt confirmed a federal investigation and adds the city is cooperating.

A City Hall source confirms with FOX4 the DOJ’s inquiry is tied to allegations within KCFD of race discrimination.

In a lawsuit filed last week, Kansas City Battalion Chief Stephen Seals revealed he had been contacted by federal investigators regarding allegations of discrimination.

Seals, an African American, sued the department in 2019 for discrimination and settled the case in 2021.

His recent Jackson County lawsuit alleges continued discrimination and retaliation for filing his original lawsuit.

The Kansas City Fire Department released the following statement to FOX4:

“The Kansas City Fire Department is aware of the investigation by the Department of Justice and is cooperating fully with the investigation. The Kansas City Fire Department cannot provide any additional information at this time, as it is an ongoing matter. Future legal inquiries should be addressed to the City Communications Department and to the city legal department.”

No other details on the federal investigation have been released.