Donald Trump masks now being mass produced in China 5 months before Halloween

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A Chinese mask-making factory expects the American people will put Donald Trump in the Oval Office in November and in preparation for what they predict will be Trump’s growing popularity, they’re making thousands of masks for America’s Halloweeen.

The Jinhua Partytime Latex Art and Crafts Factory is churning out the masks at record-speed. Actually, sales of both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump masks are at about half a million each, according to Reuters.

“Even though the sales are more or less the same, I think in 2016 this mask will completely sell out,” said factory manager Jacky Chen, indicating a Trump mask.

Reuters asked one worker if he knew whose face he was making, to which the 43-year-old worker Liu Dahua told reporters: “It’s the president of the U.S., right?”

Courtesy: Reuters
Courtesy: Reuters
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