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BASEHOR, Kan. — People who aren’t directly impacted by Tuesday night’s storms just want to help their friends — even strangers.

At Basehor-Linwood High School the day after the tornado hit, people spent the day gathering to help those in need and show relief efforts is a mission for all ages.

“They all gave from their hearts,” organizer Tammy Potts said. “It’s very difficult to know that someone could be going through a lot of stress and struggle, and you can’t help. But if you can go to the local store and get paper towels and trash bags, and help alleviate some of that stress, and that’s what the people have done.”

Car after car driving into the high school parking lot, and giving what they can. The donations filled trailer after trailer throughout the day. There were so many donations Potts says she’s unable to count, but knows they made nearly 20 trips out to those in need.

“We know it’s bad,” Potts said. “We have a list of all the people who’ve lost their homes, and a list of students that have lost their homes, and it’s heartbreaking to know they are going through that.”

Izzy Renfro is 11-years-old, and said she needed to help. Some of her friend’s homes were damaged, and while she can’t get to them, she wants to send relief their way.

“I just think it’s important to help the people in need and to help people that have had rough times in the last couple of days, and I feel like everybody should be helping,” Renfro said.

Izzy, her friends, and family unloaded and loaded one donation at a time hoping the small acts build into something truly meaningful for those going through what may be the worst time of their life.

“The community is only as strong as when something awful happens, and they can show just how truly good they are, and how caring they are,” Potts said. “This, for all the times you see bad stuff, I hope that people look at this and only see the good, and realize that the good is what is going to make this turn around.”

“Stay strong in this time,” Renfro said. “Just know that God is with you, and that everybody can make through a tough time, and every step of the way is going to get better.”

If you want to donate through Basehor-Linwood High School they will be open on Thursday accepting gift card donations for victims. Friday they will be accepting donations based on the specific needs they are seeing in the community. For a full list of how to help tornado victims in the metro click here.