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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A crash involving a 5-year-old girl and a Chiefs coach is resulting in an outpouring of donations for the family as their child remains unconscious.

The girl, named Ariel, is still in the hospital in critical condition, according to the organizer of a GoFundMe set up to help cover medical bills. Ariel reportedly has swelling and bleeding around the brain.

The donation page was set up two days ago with a goal of $30,000. After money started pouring in, the goal was raised to $100,000, where it remains.

As of 11:45 a.m. on Feb. 8, more than 8,000 donors have contributed more than $320,000 to the fund. That averages out to a little less than $40 per person.

Many of the donors left messages of prayers and encouragement. Others had personal stories of recent car crashes and the trauma they caused.

Picture of Ariel
Photo courtesy of victim’s family.

Donors Aaron and Jen said they learned about Ariel while watching the Super Bowl.

“Our daughter suffered severe brain injury at age 4 in 2020,” they wrote. “She was in a coma for days; hospital for months; rehab will be years. People don’t realize how long the road is afterward for little children with brain injury. I’m praying this beautiful little human wakes up.”

One donor named Kathy said her son was currently in the hospital after a car crash just a day ago. However, she still donated $20 to the cause.

“It’s torture not being able to be with or see him due to strict hospital covid (sic) rules, which I completely understand,” Kathy wrote. “I’m also praying for this baby girl, her mother, & sister now.”

Another donor named Barabara said her significant other laid in a coma for a week with traumatic brain injury nearly a year ago to date.

“One year later, I heard about this heartbreaking reality. My prayers are with the family. May she recover as well as he did and then some,” she wrote.

Britt Reid, a Kansas City Chiefs linebackers coach and son of head coach Andy Reid, is under investigation after allegedly causing the crash. Police said he may have been driving impaired, and he crashed into the back of a parked car with two children in it.

A 4-year-old was taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. However, 5-year-old Ariel hasn’t woken up since the crash, the GoFundMe organizer wrote.

Reid told officers he was driving the pickup truck involved in the incident, court documents obtained by FOX4 stated. One officer noted he had a moderate odor of alcohol. Reid allegedly told the officer he had between two and three drinks and was on a prescription for Adderall.