Door-to-door mail delivery could soon be thing of past

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- You could soon be saying goodbye to door-to-door mail delivery and hello to cluster and curbside mailboxes if House Republicans get their way.

It's all part of a proposal to overhaul the US Postal Service that could save billions -- $4.5 billion saved each year to be exact.

Right now, 35 million homes and businesses get mail delivered right to their doorstep and many of them are not happy with the proposal.

The US Postal Service lost $16 billion and twice defaulted on payments last year owed to the federal government.

It's not new news for residents in Kansas City’s Coleman Highlands neighborhood.

“I think that email is taking over, banking and so I think the post office is going to be in trouble no matter what.

And homeowners in this historic neighborhood are not happy with a new proposal by California Republican Representative Darrell Issa whose bill would require everyone to get mail at a curbside box or from a cluster box.

“I’m appalled that they would think of this," one person said.

“Well I can understand why they are doing it. It would save money and everything. But I think it would be tough on some of the people who live in neighborhoods like ours."

Unions say it would be disruptive for the elderly and disabled while residents in this neighborhood say hilly driveways and steps would prove a problem for many in the winter months.

"I would prefer that they stop doing Saturday delivery than this."

“I have a bad leg and I would have to wear a brace to go out and get it, but I can understand why they are doing it.

“Plus this is going to put a lot of postal people out of jobs, that’s my impression from this is the way they are saving money to put people out of work and I really don’t think that’s a good idea.

According to a report from the postal service's office of inspector, compared to door-to-door delivery costs, general curbside and cluster mail boxes would save up to $190 per stop each year.

Translation -- ending door-to-door delivery would save around $4.5 billion dollars a year.

According to government reports, this proposal of ending door-to-door would save more money than the $3 billion the agency would have saved from ending Saturday delivery.



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