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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — With Cyber Monday under our belts, a surplus of packages will soon be delivered on doorsteps.

A recent study shows people in Missouri and Kansas are more likely to have a package stolen than people in at least 30 other states.

Thieves struck a Kansas City neighborhood. Really small thieves.

Doorbell camera footage shows two young boys stealing packages off a porch.

“They couldn’t be that old,” Robert Still said.

His wife was not happy when she saw the recording.

“She was furious obviously because there’s several hundred dollars worth of products there,” he said.

Still said the boys stole a Christmas present for his daughter, and they struggled to get away with a box of 40-pound dog food.

“I don’t believe it was just some neighborhood kid just out starting trouble. I think it was a parent in the car saying, ‘Hey, go get that.’ That’s the worst part. That’s sad, like, I would never do that to my child,” Still said.

Last year, the percentage of Americans who had a package stolen jumped nearly 20%, according to a recent survey analyzing FBI crime data.

Police said one way to avoid having a package stolen is to send it to your workplace or have a neighbor keep an eye out.

Missouri ranks 12th and Kansas ranks 19th when it comes to the number of packages stolen from people.

“If you want to steal from somebody’s porch OK, that’s terrible but why would you bring your children into that and show them that this is OK and this is what we’re going to do today,” Still said. “I don’t understand that mindset.”

Still said they were able to replace all the stolen items, except one. He has filed a police report.