Douglas County limits gatherings to 15 people, citing jump in COVID-19 positivity rate


LAWRENCE, Kan. — Douglas County officials are changing course, and limiting mass gatherings due to a recent spike in COVID-19 cases.

Dr. Thomas Marcellino, Douglas County’s Local Health Officer released an updated local public health order that reduces the number of people allowed at mass gatherings from 45 people to 15 people.

Douglas County has seen a flurry of new COVID-19 cases and an increase to 44 new cases per day, up from 17.5 cases per day in mid-October.

“We believe this spike is due to people letting their guards down with lapses in mask wearing, attending social gatherings that allow for transmission of COVID-19, and people who are experiencing symptoms being out in public instead of self-isolating to reduce chances for exposing others,” said Dr. Marcellino said.

A mass gathering is defined as instances where people are in one location and are unable to maintain a 6-foot distance. This does not include people who live together.

The order takes effect Friday, Nov. 13.



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