Douglas County residents spend 4th of July holiday cleaning up tornado debris

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DOUGLAS COUNTY, Kan. –While many people enjoyed time off for the Fourth of July holiday, there are plenty of tornado victims still using every day trying to recover.

One couple in Douglas County decided to start a fundraiser where every dollar raised will go towards helping families rebuild barns damaged by the storm.

Karen Boyer’s home was hit by the EF-4 tornado on May 28. It’s a day she says she’ll never forget.

“It was really cloudy that day. It rained on us a little, then we had tree limbs coming through our ceiling,” she said.

She was in Lawrence that day and rushed home to take shelter from the storm.

“I see the barns. We had two beautiful, hundred year old barns. They are both flat.”

To their surprise, help started to pour in immediately.

“We had twenty workers out there at one time. Now, we’ve got it okay. Our insurance is going to cover things so it is going to be okay and we want to now help others,” she said.

Karen and her husband started a fundraiser called the Musicians’ Barn Building Benefit, where every dollar is donated and every person there is a volunteer. The event is on Sunday, August 11th at 3 o’clock.

To donate, click on the link here.



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