Down Syndrome Doesn’t End Dreams

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Parents of children with Down Syndrome have learned that the dreams they have for their children don’t have to end with the diagnosis.

A few decades ago, people with Down Syndrome were often institutionalized and many states had laws barring them from the classroom.

In 1975, a reform to education changed that and now many adults with Down Syndrome are graduating from college.

“I am taking presidential politics, and we get to learn about everything from the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the student movement for African Americans,” said Will McMillian.

Although many find the help they need in college, finding a job can be tougher.

“I also had a job at the Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital. It was a great job,” said McMillan. “A lot of paperwork to do and I got tired of it, but it was still fun,” he said.

For those looking for more information about resources for people with Down Syndrome, click here.

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