Dozens meet to begin deciding how Kansas City should honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.


KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A little over a dozen people gathered at the Kansas City Parks and Recreation Board of Commissioners first public input session on Tuesday to discuss finding a way to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“Nobody questioned Wornall, nobody questioned Ward Parkway, nobody questioned JC Nichols until recently,” Reginald Broughton said.

Last month KC Parks and Rec voted to move forward with a proposal from the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of Greater Kansas City to rename Blue Parkway, Swope Parkway and Volker Blvd. starting at 55th St.

Some people think there are other ways to recognize Dr. King.

“Martin Luther King Jr. was more than a street. To me, I don’t think that we’re honoring him by putting a street in Kansas City,” Pat Clarke said.

Clarke says he’d like to see KCI Airport named after Dr. King. Others say they want to see improvements to Martin Luther King Jr. Park.

“This is the perfect time to say ‘hey. Lets make a beautiful park that Martin Luther King, Unity Park , whatever’. It will bring people from everywhere and will be a focus of peace and unity in our city,” a meeting attendee said.

This renaming process started earlier in the year, but was suspended because of COVID-19. But now people in Kansas City want a decision made with their iniput, one way or the other.



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