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KANSAS CITY,  Mo.  — Many residents at Nob Hill Apartments say they’re living in unacceptable conditions.

One resident showed FOX4 what she describes as sewer water in her dishwasher. That’s why the KC Housing Authority is stepping in to make sure the maintenance issues are taken care of.

“My issue is they should have known about these emergency issues and handled them immediately and not waited for us to threaten them with nonpayment before fixing it,” Housing Authority Executive Director Edwin Lowndes said.

The K.C. Housing Authority decided to look into what’s going on at Nob Hill Apartments after it received 56 complaints during a two-week period in November.

Of the 269 units at Nob Hill, 93 are voucher clients, meaning the housing authority subsidies a portion of the rent.

On Dec. 7, inspectors checked out 81 of the apartments and all of them failed inspection. Thirteen of those were found to have critical, possibly life-threatening, maintenance issues.

“It is the poor or bad landlords who wait for us to come out and fix only what we point out and only when there is the threat of losing their money,” Lowndes said. “T.E.H. Realty is the worst landlord we have seen in the last couple of years.”

The Housing Authority has stopped payments to owner T.E.H. Realty until the maintenance issues are fixed.

The next inspection is Jan. 7, and if the issues are not resolved, T.E.H will get one more chance in February. After that, the housing authority will cancel its contract with T.E.H. Realty and help residents find new places to live.

Lowndes questions whether T.E.H has the money to maintain the property. Not only has T.E.H Realty been unresponsive to its tenants, Lowndes has had a difficult time working with the company’s local representative.

“His response was almost aloof,” Lownes said of the T.E.H representative’s statement at the housing authority’s last meeting. “‘We are aware, and we are expecting in the next 60 days, a capital infusion.’ Well, this has been going on for way too long to wait for that, and that is why we decided to act when we did.”

All of the repairs must be made for the Housing Authority to continue working with Nob Hill.