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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Last Friday afternoon started out as a typical quiet afternoon for Orlando Gentry and Troy Robertson. The two buddies were working at a clothing shop near 35th and Prospect when all of a sudden they first witnessed a wild car crash.

“We were out here with our children and the next thing we heard was a boom!” Orlando Gentry recalled.

“Man those cars came out of nowhere and Carlos was just helpless,” Troy Robertson said.

In remarkable surveillance video, the owner of a nearby convenience shared exclusively with FOX 4, investigators say you first see two guys in a stolen Chevrolet van collide with a woman driving a gold Cadillac. The woman wasn’t seriously hurt.

Witnesses told police a scared, 61-year-old Carlos Green was standing on a corner when he tried, but couldn’t get out of the way of the two vehicles that zoomed right towards him.

“Yeah, he tried to jump out of the way, but he just got pinned underneath the Cadillac. He definitely hurt his right leg. When I saw all that I screamed, ‘somebody help me help get this car off Carlos,'” Robertson said.

He and Gentry quickly sprung into action.

“We ran over there and just kept screaming ‘somebody help us’ and then we all just kept struggling at first, and then we finally got that car off him,” said Gentry.

Just in the nick of the time in under two minutes, the two quick-thinking, Kansas City dads and several other good Samaritans rescued Carlos Green.

People living near 35th and Prospect say Green is a friendly guy who shops and hangs out in the area on a regular basis. In fact, neighbors say they saw the lucky survivor on Monday.

“Yeah, he’s out of the hospital, on crutches and he now has a cast on his leg, but he’s okay and that’s all that we cared about,” said a relieved Gentry.

Meantime, witnesses say in the surveillance video you can also see the two men in the stolen van, hop out of the vehicle and run from after the crash.
Police are still looking for them.