Dream Act Supporters Protest Kris Kobach’s Effort to Strike Down Program

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TOPEKA, Kan. -- Dream Act supporters from across the country rallied in Topeka Tuesday to send Kansas Secretary of State Kris Kobach a message about his immigration policies. They are targeting Kobach because of his lawsuit that aims to strike down President Obama's Deferred Action program, which offers amnesty to young people brought to the United States as children.

About 50 Dream Act supporters from Kansas, Alabama, Arizona, Mississippi and Georgia rallied on the steps in front of the Secretary of State's office building, asking Kobach to drop the lawsuit.

"What Kris Kobach is doing is unjust we just want to have a future here," says Maira Rangle, from Wichita.

"Kris Kobach wants to take away Deferred Action from us and I don't see why," said Wichita resident Louis Sosa. "It's not handing anything to us. We still have to work to have the ability to legally work here."

A group of young people went inside the Secretary of State's office to demand a meeting with Kobach. A staffer told them that the office doesn't do anything related to immigration issues. She agreed to deliver the student's letter.

Kobach did not respond to our interview requests Tuesday but has talked to FOX 4 in the past about the lawsuit to stop Deferred Action. He says he's helping with the federal immigration agents lawsuit because Deferred Action forces the agents to break a law they swore to uphold.

"They're between a rock and a hard place," Kobach told us back in April. "Either they follow the orders and break federal law or they don't follow orders and they're disciplined and they face some employment adverse action."

In addition to asking Kobach to drop the Deferred Action lawsuit, the protesters letter also asks Kobach to resign, accusing him of focusing more on immigration issues than on his job as Secretary of State for Kansas.



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