Driver fleeing from KC police crashes into another car

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Police were at the scene of a crash on the northbound ramp from I-435 onto Gregory Friday morning, that they say was caused by a driver fleeing from them.

Police say that at about 10:45 a.m., they tried to pull over the driver for a traffic violation. A patrol officer driving on the round-about on 87th Street near I-435 said the driver almost hit him. The officer tried to pull over the suspect to ticket him but instead of stopping for them, the driver got onto I-435 and fled.

The officer followed the driver onto the highway. The driver then got off the highway and drove into traffic on the Gregory exit ramp, crashing into another car.

A woman in the car was hurt, but is suspected to recover. Her husband spoke to FOX 4’s John Pepitone and said the woman was shaken up and complaining that her head hurt.

The driver who caused the crash fled the scene. Police located the suspect’s vehicle a short time later in the 6500 block of Richmond and were looking for the suspect in that area.



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