Driver told police his brakes failed in crash that killed 14-year-old girl in Overland Park

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OVERLAND PARK, Kan. – According to a newly released crash report, the driver that hit and killed a 14-year-old girl in Overland Park earlier this month told police his brakes went out.

But the report also says the 70-year-old could have lost consciousness for up to 8 blocks, and police say they’re still investigating.

“People are wanting to know what happen, and I understand that. And we are in touch with the family, and this is a long drawn out process,” Overland Park Police spokesman John Lacy said.

Overland Park police released the crash report Monday. In the new report, the driver said his brakes failed, causing him to lose control and drive on the sidewalk as children walked home from school.

According to the report, the driver of a 2006 Ford Taurus then went off Switzer at 124th Street, nearly hitting three kids who had just been escorted by the school crossing guard at the crosswalk.

The car then hit a sign, a bush and a cable box before hitting and killing 14-year-old Alex Rumple, an eighth grader at Oxford Middle School.

According to the report, the driver’s vehicle kept going two more blocks hitting a traffic light post and fence.

Now police are waiting on what’s called a vehicle autopsy report to determine if the vehicle’s brakes did fail.

“It’s a mechanic, a professional mechanic who takes a look at the vehicle. He’s going to look at the brakes. He’s going to look at the accelerator, things of that sort to see if anything was not working at that time,” Lacy said.

The driver said the last he remembered driving was several blocks earlier at 129th Street, and he remembered someone being in the roadway, not the sidewalk, according to the police report.

He was taken to the hospital for possible loss of consciousness while driving.

Police said they’re doing all they can to investigate the crash.

“Give us time to investigate this accident. We are going to get it right. We’ve always gotten this type of accidents right,” Lacy said. “A fatality accident, there’s a lot that goes into this report. It’s not your typical rear-end report.”

There are just a couple of reports police are waiting on, including toxicology, though they don’t suspect impairment.

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