Drivers estimated to save more than a billion dollars thanks to lower Thanksgiving gas prices

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PLATTE CITY, Mo. — Gas prices are the lowest we’ve seen in years, just in time for Thanksgiving travel. According to, the national average is $1.99 a gallon, which is the cheapest at Thanksgiving since March 2009. The millions of drivers on the road this week will save an estimated $1.5 billion.

Many drivers at the QuikTrip in Platte City were more than willing to talk about the savings at the pump. Gas there Wednesday was $1.75 a gallon for regular unleaded. The national average is 80 cents cheaper than this time in 2014, and it’s got travelers like Sue Burchett excited about the trip.

Burchett and her husband drove in from Iowa to visit their kids in Gladstone. The couple spent two-and-a-half hours in the car Wednesday.

“There are a lot of cars out on the highway right now,” she said.

Back home, Burchett said they’re paying $2.09 a gallon, so she was relieved to watch the prices fall.

“When we got into Missouri, they were $1.99, and then when we got to St. Joe, they were $1.79, and then here, $1.75!” she exclaimed.

Justin Doud lives in Platte City. He was out running Thanksgiving errands Wednesday.

“$1.75. It’s like a miracle!” Doud said.

He’s originally from Pennsylvania, and though he isn’t traveling there for Thanksgiving this year, he is keeping an eye on the gas prices.

“Back in Pennsylvania, it’s like you’re doing really good if you’re at $2.75 there,” Doud said.

Doud said the extra change will come in handy for the holidays.

“Wherever you can save a penny it helps,” he said.

Houstonian Randy Pine plans to do the same thing with his gas savings. He said with a laugh,

“Probably save it until Christmas I would imagine, for Christmas shopping,” he said with a laugh.

Pine drove up almost 12 hours from the Lone Star State and said the best prices were right here in the metro.

“Took a road trip in my Mustang! I stopped for gas along the way. I will definitely fill up here on the way back,” Pine said.

FOX 4 spotted prices at a few stations:
Conoco in Platte City – $1.77
Flying J Conoco off 435 – $1.73
Phillips 66 by Worlds of Fun – $1.69

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