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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Several drivers on Red Bridge Road, Blue River Road and Blue Ridge Boulevard near Holmes Road, just south of I-435, believe someone has been throwing rocks at cars.

“The random violence just, it blows my mind. I really didn’t want to believe that someone would do that.”

Jessica, who didn’t want to be on camera, is talking about someone throwing a rock into her windshield while she was westbound on Red Bridge Road on Monday morning.

She shared photos of the damage it left to both her front and back windows.

Plus, the rock hit her just inches away from her face.

“I would, I would absolutely have missing teeth, broken nose maybe worse. Yeah, debilitating head injury,” she said. “It could have been really awful.”

She filed a report with the Kansas City Police Department over the incident.

What’s unsettling for Jessica, she isn’t the only driver who has experienced a similar incident this week.

Clayton Wendler said he was south on Holmes Road toward Blue Ridge Road when he was hit.

“Out of nowhere I hear a sharp crack and it sounded like gunshot, it really scared me. Just out of nowhere, something hit my car coming out of the woods,” he said.

Wendler said he pulled over to investigate what happened and discovered some damage left to his SUV.

“I had this huge dent and chipped the paint here too. And you can see there’s a scuff mark right here. And there’s one here and one here,” Wendler said.

Wendler didn’t think too much of it until he noticed other drivers were posting on social media about similar experiences in the same area.

Megan Cartmell told FOX4 she had a rock hit her vehicle while on Red Bridge Road near Holmes Tuesday morning. She believes she caught a glimpse of the vehicle behind her incident.

“He or she, I don’t know what it was, tossed their entire arm out. It was a Kia Optima, it was kind of like a smoky gray, like a light gray. And the rock hit from right here all the way up here. And then it scratched my windshield,” Cartmell said.

Cartmell, like Jessica, filed a report with KCPD. She hopes police can catch whoever is doing this before someone gets seriously hurt.

“I just wish that they find the healing that they need within themselves. So that way they don’t hurt other people in worse than what they already did,” she said.

As Jessica’s shoulder heals and her bruise fades away, she wants whoever is doing this to think about the potential consequences.

“It could be deadly,” Jessica said. “I mean, you know, what if it was your family, you know, what if it was your mother, your kid in the backseat? I don’t have children. But if there was a child in the backseat, you know, what if it happened to someone you love?”

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