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The Kansas City International Raceway has given hundreds of young people and the young at heart a place to race since 1967. Saturday was the last day races would be held at the track because the track will be turned into a city park.

Jim Scheerer says he regularly lived at the race track when it opened more than 40 years ago. He says he was also in the first race.

“I’ve won some major events and things like that,” drag racer Scheerer said. “It’s just kind of sad like someone in your family has passed away.”

The slow talking, fast driver says he’ll miss the feeling of taking off at the track.

“The fastest car I had went from zero to 60 in 1.14 seconds and it’s like an explosion.” Scheerer said. “The motor is screaming, the car is going and you are getting ready to’re hanging on.”

Now, all Scheerer and the other drag race fans can do is hang onto the memories they’ve had at the track.

“I’ve been here my whole racing career,” said drag racer Clayton McGinnis. “I’m going to have to go somewhere else.”

McGinnis, 10, has been racing for two and a half years. He was eight-years-old when he started and he’s won two championships.

“I won the championship this year and last year so I get to say that at least I won the championships twice at this track,” McGinnis said.

Like McGinnis, drag racing is in Shelby Licata’s blood. The 20-year-old has been racing for 12 years and she can’t believe her playground is being turned into a park.

“Turning this into a park it upsets me there’s places around Lee’s Summit, Raytown and the Kansas City area where you can go play basketball, you can go play baseball, this is our only place to do what we love to do and there’s no where else around here to do that,” said drag racer Shelby Licata.

Despite the closing of KCIR many of the drag racers say they’ll continue to race. They will drive to Topeka or another track near Osborn to do it.