Drivers who travel Ward Parkway at 77th wish repairs had come quicker

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Water crews repaired a water leak on southbound Ward Parkway near 77th Street that caused icy conditions and peril for drivers, but the orange barrels and lane closures still wreaked havoc on Thursday morning’s commute through the area.

Drivers who normally take Ward Parkway were forced over to State Line Road.

Eight days ago, on December 28, the city received a report from a citizen about the hazards there.

The citizen’s report said:
“Water mainbreak–ICE!!! People skidding at the dangerous curve where some fatalities have occurred when DRY. Please close lane!!!”

On December 30, another report said:
“..leaking water valve which is causing ice and multiple accidents have occurred. Currently there is a car wrapped around a tree in the citizen’s front yard. Police are on the scene.”

On Thursday, Jan. 5, the city included an update that said:

“Repairs were completed on 1/5/17, transferring to restoration which takes 20 days.”

FOX 4 took pictures Thursday morning of the area (below.) Tune to FOX 4 newscasts and check back to for updates on the orange cones and lane closures which could create another traffic nightmare Thursday evening.



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