Drug testing at Rockhurst not resulting in many positives… and that’s a good thing

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Rockhurst High School has taken the unusual measure of randomly testing its students for drugs and alcohol. Principal Greg Harkness says the testing has turned up only seven positives out of 345 students tested. One of those was reversed because the student had a prescription after wisdom tooth removal.

The drug testing is random and confidential. Results are only given to two people in the guidance office and they tell parents who take it from there. Those students are tested again in 90 days and a second positive, gets the school involved.

Principal Harkness says it is not a punishment, but rather another tool in a student’s arsenal to use when they are confronted with pressure to use drugs and alcohol.

"30 - 35 years ago when I was a student here we had a smoking lounge believe it or not. Well today, we wouldn't think about having a smoking lounge for our students because we have all this evidence now that smoking is so bad,” Harkness said. “Evidence is mounting that students should not be experimenting with drugs and alcohol.”

Principal Harkness says the program is working well, but the real test will be the results when this year's freshmen are seniors.



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