Dubai government offers up gold to motivate weight loss

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DUBAI — Bulging waistlines aren’t just a problem in the United States — they’re apparently such an issue in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, that weight lost on the body is worth solid gold.

The local government in Dubai will give citizens a gram of gold, worth about $41 USD, for each kilogram — or about two pounds. The minimum weight loss required to get any gold is two kilograms, or approximately 4.4 pounds.

The deadline for participants’ weight loss is Aug. 16, according to NPR.

People have to do an initial weigh-in by Friday, July, 19 to participate, the Associated Press reported.

In the U.S., companies have adopted workplace wellness programs to motivate their employees to get fit, half of which offer incentives for weight loss. Having employees participate in wellness programs can mean lower insurance premiums.

No gold-giveaways have taken place in the U.S. yet.

by Caitlin Holland



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