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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — From cold raw early spring rains to summer.

It was a record setting July type day, in the middle of May.

Kansas City tied the record of 91 degrees for May 9, set in 1963.

“This is actually Missouri and Kansas City has a history of erratic weather,” Carla Jonathan, a Kansas City resident, said.

Jonathan started off her morning routine a little differently on Monday.

“Over the 30 years I’ve lived in Kansas City, it use to be July 4 is when IK would turn it on (A/C),” Jonathan said.

It was a change for several people across the Kansas City area.

On average the first 90 degrees day in May is the 27th.

The heat wave had companies like Affordable Comfort KC busy.

“Over the weekend we’ve got probably 10 or 15 calls of people that realize that their air conditioners stopped working and it was time to get something done when they saw the forecast,” owner Jeff Bellis said.

Bellis said around this time people are calling to prep their units for summer temperatures, but calls were more urgent.

Some have problems like creatures using their A/C units as a home during the winter.

Others face the cost of an electricity bill they didn’t expect to see so soon.

“I’ll have to give on something else,” Jonathan said. “I can start extra work at a point. I feel for people it’s a definite crunch on their budgets.”

While that air is running, experts said there’s ways you can save money and energy

“One of the most simple tips that we can save with customers, one of the most easiest things you can do, is if you have things in your house that you don’t use on a regular basis unplug them,” Evergy spokesperson, Andrew Baker, said.

Baker said there’s other tips like knowing when to open and close your blinds, closing your vents in rooms of the house where you don’t need A/C and keeping your thermostat at a moderate temp.

“You don’t want to see those big jumps,” Baker said. “So, at night you don’t want to drop it 8-9 ten degrees. You want to find that comfortable sweet spot in that mid 70s range.”

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