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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — East Kansas City’s landscape is about to get a lot better. The city’s pledge to demolish a thousand dilapidated houses in two years hit a snag, but a local construction company has stepped up to get rid of neighborhood eyesores.

For twenty years, Larhonda Gordon has lived next to this eyesore. She’s hoped and prayed that one day this 850 sq. ft. house will be demolished.

“Every time I see movement over here, I see a truck pull up and wonder are they going to do it today? They’re there, what’s going to happen,” said Gordon.

Gordon almost lost hope. The city pledged to raze 1,000 dilapidated homes on the East side by 2014 but was unable to because of funding. That’s when Kissick Construction stepped in to help at no cost to tax payers.  It would normally cost $7,000 just to tear down a house and haul away the mess. The money saved will go toward other demolitions.

John Wood the City’s Director of Neighborhood and Housing Services said, “It’s really our goal with this demonstration is to get a total of 50 houses demolished in this area.”

This house will be one of ten Kissick Construction will tear down in the Marlborough area. Gordon is especially happy to see it go.

“The last guy who lived there, he tried to sell the house to my mom for a dollar,” said Gordon with a laugh.

The dilapidated house is one less thing Gordon has to worry about.

Kissick Construction has already demolished three houses; they will work on two more Tuesday. They’ve donated their services to destroy 10 in the neighborhood.