Edgemoor holding meetings to learn what workforce needs to succeed on KCI’s new terminal

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Edgemoor, the developer of the single-terminal at KCI, held one of more than a dozen public meetings Monday night about its Terminal Workforce Enhancement Programs. Edgemoor representatives asked what potential employees need as far as childcare, transportation and workforce training. Based on the needs of employees, Edgemoor will pay daycare centers to stay open longer and provide free transportation to the airport. The Federal Aviation Administration requires “needs evaluation” meetings. Edgemoor can’t put the daycare and transportation programs into place until after the meetings and after they get approval from the FAA. Some programs like internships, low-interest loans and “pay without delay” for minority and women-owned businesses are already in place. Those programs don’t need FAA approval. There’s been criticism from some city council members. They’ve argued there aren’t enough minorities and women working on the project. But Edgemoor said they’re right on target with the numbers. The developer committed to 35% of both construction and professional services be down by minority and women-owned business enterprises. “We’ve worked less than one-half percent of the total hours of this project,” said Daniel J. Moylan, senior development manager for Edgemoor. “To put that into perspective, we’ve got about 22,000 hours logged. We’ve got a long way to go on the project and we’re going to do everything we can to put the Kansas Citians to work.” Edgemoor’s representatives said as more work is done, we’ll see more minorities and women working on the single terminal at KCI. Previous coverage:



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