Edgemoor shows off first renderings of its vision for new terminal at KCI

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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Edgemoor, the firm recently selected as the developer for the new terminal at Kansas City International airport, presented a first look at design concepts at City Hall on Thursday.

The meeting lasted almost two hours, and council members had a lot of questions, but overall everyone seemed very impressed — some calling the design “stunning.”

“We know the commitments we made in our proposal, what was in the ordinance, and we are very committed to meeting or exceeding each and every one of those goals that are laid out in the community benefits agreement,” said Geoffrey Stricker, the Managing Director at Edgemoor.

Some of the main themes of the design were improved amenities, sustainability, and convenience.

“Kansas City, one of the 50 largest cities in the country, is the only airport that has arrivals and departures mixed on the same level, every other airport has them split between arrivals and departures, which is what we`ve proposed, and so therefore by default, 50 percent of the traffic will be on one level, and 50 percent will be on the other, which means safer, less traffic,” added Stricker.

Edgemoor said it will hold meetings throughout Kansas City – so all residents can provide feedback and be involved in the airport design.
Council members were impressed with the renderings, but wanted to make sure they delivered.

“You’re in the Show- Me State, and so we really need to see, voters…at least what I hear, we need to see results, and local hire,” said Councilman Scott Taylor with the 6th District At Large.

Some of the features discussed were closed-in parking, a covered walkway from the garage to the terminal, two-level curbside drop-off and pick up areas, waiting areas at each gate that are tech-friendly, and a very Kansas City-esqe feel, with fountains and BBQ options.

“I think the design is stunning, I think it said a lot, just by having a picture in front of us, I in particular appreciate the attention to sustainability, use of natural light, not just from a cost effectiveness, and operational we already talked about, but just also from the aesthetics,” added Councilman Kevin McManus, with the 6th District.

The hope is to start construction in the summer of 2018.

Kansas City Council and Edgemoor say they are looking forward to community feedback in meetings scheduled for November and December.



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