KANSAS CITY, Mo. — As students in the Kansas City area prepare to go back to school, bus drivers want to remind parents and children it takes a team effort to keep everyone safe.

When driving behind a school bus, slow down and be prepared to stop. When lights and stop signs are out, it’s against the law to pass a bus in either direction and put kids’ lives at risk.

Drivers want to remind kids they need to stay in their seats so they don’t get hurt.

There’s also technology on buses to help ensure a child doesn’t get left behind and cameras to make sure kids aren’t causing trouble.

Many companies have tablets to take attendance and help them get around town.

First Student also has an app parents can download that shows where the bus is at all times.

First Student officials said kids don’t need to run hen the bus arrives at their stop. The driver will wait.

“If we see a student coming, we’re not going to drive off. We’re going to wait there, so don’t run,” said Michael Narcisse, First Student’s manager at Park Hill.

“There’s a reason why we have stop signs and all those things … It’s because we’re going to wait. We’re not a race car. We’re really here, so take your time.”