Despite families’ pleas, Belton seniors disappointed to miss graduation due to quarantine


BELTON, Mo. — Their classmates are grabbing their diplomas Friday night, but despite pleading with the district, dozens of Belton seniors are being forced to stay home.

After several students in a school musical at Belton High School tested positive for COVID-19, roughly 70 students were forced to quarantine. 

That include several seniors who were told they’d have to miss their high school graduation Friday night.

Outraged parents and students petitioned the school to let the seniors attend graduation if they could provide a negative COVID-19 test, but it didn’t work. The district stood firm on its COVID-19 policy and said no.

One senior said the district’s decision took away the silver lining after a difficult school year.

“There is not much harm I can do because I have tested negative. I am able to go just about anywhere, but I am not able to do one of the most important things in my life,” said Jason Savage Jr., a Belton High senior.

Senior Lucas Freeman said although he’s sad that he missed Friday night’s ceremony, he ‘s grateful the school is at least working on an alternative plan. According to the school district, there will be a makeup graduation held on June 3.

“I am happy that they are planning for the people who have gotten quarantined; at least it’s there for us,” Freeman said.

And there’s another small ray of hope.

While some of the seniors were stuck in quarantine, those who weren’t decided to bring graduation to them.

A parade of senior-laden cars traveled from house to house, encouraging their peers and letting them know that they aren’t alone.

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