Dozens of Raytown students sent home on first day of school due to paperwork problem


RAYTOWN, Mo. — The Raytown School District had a few bumps in the road on the first day of school Monday.

Several students were sent home about an hour after getting there — and it wasn’t pandemic-related, but rather due to paperwork problems.

For many in the district, the first day of school fell short of expectations. Kids were dressed and ready to see their friends — only to be sent back home.

“It just keeps coming back to enrollment. It’s enrollment’s fault. They’re not caught up,” mom Jennifer Flores said.

Flores was told enrollment and residency paperwork was the problem. Her 11- and 16-year-old children weren’t alone.

Deztiny Flores said there were about 25 students in the Raytown Middle School office waiting for parents to pick them up. She said a dozen more were sitting in the lobby.

“My oldest was in high school, and I had dropped him off at 7 and by 7:15, he had called me to pick him up,” Jennifer Flores said. “He said the gym was full of students getting sent home.”

FOX4 asked the district how many families were impacted. They said that number hasn’t been completely tracked. The district sent us this statement:

“If by the start of the first day of school, our records indicate that a family has not completed enrollment for their student(s), parents/guardians will be called to pick up their student(s). Their student(s) will not be placed in a seat until enrollment is confirmed as completed.”

But Flores said she sent in all the required paperwork. A woman at the middle school’s front desk even helped.

“She called them and they verified they received everything, and they told her they would get to it when they could get to it, and it frustrated her. She was almost in tears when she called me and told me what happened,” Jennifer said.

A spokesperson for the district said it could be due to a number of different reasons. Each family’s case is different.

“We are working to provide an immediate response to all families,” the district representative said. “We added additional staff and hours to our residency and enrollment office.”

“It’s frustrating. It was more frustrating that my daughter had to see this and go through this, especially with all the parents being upset,” Jennifer said. “I’m sure it’s affecting parents who have jobs. I’m starting a new job Wednesday, and if this isn’t fixed, I could lose my job before I start.”

Deztiny worries about falling behind.

“I don’t know if I’m going to be able to like learn everything and be caught up with everybody else and stuff,” she said.

The district said families can reach out by phone at 816-268-7035 or by email at with any enrollment or residency questions.

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