INDEPENDENCE, Mo. — Reading, writing, arithmetic, and the Kansas City Chiefs.

An Independence teacher is making the Chiefs success a part of her lesson plans to keep students interested in learning.

Becca Jacob is a second grade teacher at Fairmount Elementary School in Independence.

When the Chiefs started winning, she came up with an idea to let her students have a little fun and learn at the same time.

“I’ve been a Chiefs fan all of my life, so I wanted to bring it to life for my students. They show grit every day in the classroom and we see the Kansas City Chiefs show grit on the field, so I wanted to put two and two together and bring this lesson to life,” Becca Jacob, Fairmount Elementary School teacher, said.

Students in her class are working together to solve math problems involving the Chiefs. Each student has a worksheet dealing with grouping and regrouping problems. The students work in pairs to answer three problems at a time.

For each worksheet complete, the students earn a piece of a player, like a helmet, a jersey, and shoes.

When a team solves all the problems on the sheet, they get to color the player and make it into their favorite Chiefs player.

One person on the Chiefs roster is a heavy favorite.

“I pick number 15 because he’s usually so fast and he’s the quarterback to pass to a lot of people and he runs pretty fast,” Mateo Gonzalez Casas, student, said.

Jacob says she also encourages her students to give their player a pep talk.

Mateo said he would simply tell Mahomes “go Chiefs!”