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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Members of Kansas City Public School’s Board of Education vote Wednesday night on a decision that will impact hundreds of students and their families.

Board members voted 4-2 on the district’s Blueprint 2030 plan. The plan is to show what the district hopes to achieve in the coming years.

The district first introduced the plan, it included closing as many as 10 schools. The plan concerned many parents and community members.

The district held a number of community meetings about the Blueprint 2030 plan. Based on feedback from those meetings, the district came up with a compromise.

The updated plan closes just two schools, Longfellow and Troost elementary schools. The district said they are two of the oldest schools in the district, and enrollment has dropped there.

The plan is to keep the other eight schools on the list open. To pay for the buildings, Kansas City’s School Board is considering asking taxpayers to approve a bond measure.

The district also has a goal of increasing enrollment in Kansas City schools by 4,000 students over the next seven years.

The most impactful goals of Blueprint 2030 are academic and graduation goals set by the school district. That means improving overall test scores, graduation rates, and student engagement.

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