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KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Hogan Prep Academy submitted a new safety plan to the state before the end of the day Monday and avoids being shut down.

The Kansas City Charter school has been on probation since December because of several safety concerns involving student safety, academic performance, and teacher retention.

The Missouri Charter Public School Commission closed the school for two weeks in November because of the concerns.

The group outlined those concerns in a letter, giving Hogan Prep leadership until January 9 to address those concerns in order to stay open.

Some of the requests the commission wants included in the safety plan are how the school will work to raise student test scores, increase teacher certification, and make the school building overall safer for students and staff.

The commission says at least 80% of teachers must have a Missouri certification to teach the subject that Hogan plans to have them teach. As of November 2022, only 36% of teachers had the appropriate certification.

Another concern the commission is looking for leadership to address is state test scores. The commission says Hogan’s scores are significantly lower than other public schools in the Kansas City, Missouri, School District.

Hogan Prep responded to the commission saying it strives to provide a safe, healthy, and favorable environment for its students to learn.

The leadership at HPA took immediate steps in November to
improve our school environment, including adding personnel at each building. We are pleased
to report that since returning from the Thanksgiving break, HPA High School has not had a
single disruptive incident.

Hogan Prep Statement

The statement from the charter school goes on to say that it has a lower adult-to-student ratio in place for the second semester. It is also limiting students’ cell phone use during the school day.

We are confident these changes will provide a better environment for learning that will allow
our teachers to do their best work, allow our students to thrive academically, emotionally, and
socially, and alleviate the safety concerns from the Missouri Public Charter School

Hogan Prep Statement

Hogan Prep also says it will have five substitute teachers on site daily to help make sure teachers and staff are present during class changes and other transition periods.