KANSAS CITY, Mo. — College tuition is already pricey, but the price can get even more expensive starting the next school year and could impact parents’ wallets.

The Kansas Board of Regents is considering raising the tuition price of six Universities by potentially as much as seven percent.

The agenda for the board’s upcoming meeting, which will happen Wednesday, would raise the tuition by five percent at the University of Kansas, Kansas State University, Emporia State University, and Pittsburg State University.

Tuition would raise by over five percent at Wichita State, and Fort Hays State would see the highest increase at seven percent.

The last time any of these schools saw their tuition raised was in 2021 when the board of regents approved an increase to Kansas State’s tuition rates by half percent — the first time for K-State after COVID-19.

This would also be the first time the board of regents has increased tuition for KU since 2018. It’s the only school to avoid raising tuition since 2019. Right now the cost for in-state students at KU is a little more than 10 thousand dollars.

For out-of-state students, it’s nearly 27 thousand dollars.