JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. — A new mobile app aims to make it easier for Missouri schools to reach responders in an emergency.

Gov. Mike Parson announced Thursday that public and charger schools across the state can sign up for the new app.

It allows teachers and other employees to quickly alert school staff and first responders to certain emergency situations as they happen.

The Missouri Department of Public Safety hired a company called Raptor Technologies to provide the silent panic alert system. Teachers and staff can send alerts through their mobile devices or computers.

Parson says the app notifies 911 directly and provides critical information such as locations and school campus maps during each emergency.

Districts and charter schools can learn more about the system and enroll for it through the Raptor Technologies website. It is paid for by the state and free for school and families to use.

The state says each district that uses the system will have its own account that will link the alerts to selected first responders.

Training will be held for each district, beginning with pilot schools and then district-wide training.