KANSAS CITY, Mo. — SmartAsset has recently released its annual Best Value College study for 2023.

This is Smart Asset’s ninth year putting together this analysis. The list is based on scholarships, starting salary, tuition, living costs and retention rate to determine the “Best Value Colleges” in Missouri.

According to educationdata.org, Missouri ranks no. 29 out of all states for the most affordable colleges.

Here are the top 10 Missouri colleges where students will get the most bang for their buck:

1. Missouri University of Science and Technology:

Missouri University of Science and Technology in Rolla has a tuition of $11,139 with the average scholarships and grants of $10,668. Students who graduate from Missouri S&T earn a median starting salary of $72,600.

2. Washington University:

It costs $63,000 to attend Washington University in St. Louis. The average amount of aid given to students is $47,000. Graduates’ median starting salary is $70,000.

3. Truman State University:

You can find Truman State University in Kirksville. Students at Truman pay an average of $9,144 for tuition. Students receive on average $9,374 in scholarships. When students enter their careers after graduation they make an average of $51,200 per year.

4. Northwest Missouri State University:

At Northwest Missouri State University students pay $9,256 and earn on average $8,225 in scholarships and grants. Graduates from Northwest Missouri State University earn an average of $50,800 per year after completing their degree.

5. University of Missouri-Columbia:

Students at the University of Missouri-Columbia, better known as Mizzou, pay $11,767 for tuition. The students earn on average $10,836 in scholarship money. After completing an MU degree, graduates make an average of $56,700.

6. College of the Ozarks:

College of the Ozarks in Point Lookout has an average tuition of $22,845. Students at the college receive an average of $24,198 in financial aid. Graduates earn $42,700 on average in their post-graduation careers.

7. University of Central Missouri:

Students at the University of Central Missouri pay $14,490 and earn on average $6,103 in scholarships/financial aid. On average graduates of the university earn $51,400 per year.

8. University of Missouri-Kansas City:

At the University of Missouri-Kansas City, students pay an average of $9,650 in tuition and receive an average of $8,407 in financial aid. UMKC graduates starting their careers earn a median salary of $55,300.

9. University of Missouri-St. Louis:

Students at the University of Missouri-St. Louis pay $17,820 for tuition and earn an average of $7,995 in scholarships and grants. The average starting salary for UMSL graduates is $54,100 per year.

10. Lindenwood University:

Lindenwood University students pay $20,768 for tuition. On average students at the university in St. Charles receive $10,533 in scholarship and grant money. On average graduates of LU make $50,100 in their first year after completing their degree.

To wrap it all up, college students in Missouri, who are in-state residents, pay on average $17,143 in tuition and receive on average $9,004 in student financial aid. The average first year salary for graduates of the listed Missouri colleges and universities is $49,683.