KANSAS CITY, Mo. — The superintendent of the North Kansas City School District announced his retirement.

Superintendent Dr. Dan Clemens said he plans to retire in July 2024, following the end of the 2023-2024 school year. He has worked in the district for 23 years, including the past eight years as superintendent.

Clemens says he is proud of the district’s work educating more than 21,000 students a year.

Being part of the NKC Schools family is something I love and will always cherish. Education has been my life for so long now and I can’t think of a more important calling. We are shaping the future with each graduating class.

Dr. Dan Clemens, North Kansas City Schools Superintendent

Leaders said the North Kansas City School District has grown to the second largest in the state with Clemens at the helm. Graduation rates have also increased during that time.

Over the past eight years, North Kansas City has built six new schools with two more elementary schools underway. The district also established its College & Career pathways program to make sure students graduate and are ready to either enter the workforce or continue their education.

Clemens was involved in opening Missouri’s two elementary schools that are open all year, and guided the district through the pandemic.

North Kansas City’s Board of Education is in the process of interviewing internal candidates for the job. The board says if an internal candidate is not selected it will conduct an external search.

The board expects to announce a new superintendent, and information about the transition process, before June.