OLATHE, Kan. — One year later, the superintendent of Olathe Public Schools reflects on the shooting at Olathe East High School.

Gunfire injured a school resource officer and an assistant principal, as well as student who is now awaiting trial for attempted capital murder.

Nineteen-year-old Jaylon Elmore is accused a bringing a gun to school and pulling it from his backpack when school staff confronted him. Prosecutors say he fired on school resource officer Erik Clark and assistant principal/athletic director Dr. Kaleb Stoppel.

Superintendent Dr. Brent Yeager wouldn’t go into specifics on that case but told FOX4 the shooting has re-emphasized the importance of being prepared for a situation like this.

He also said, even now, the district is offering individual therapy to students and staff who have been affected by the event that’s still fresh in people’s minds one year later.

FOX4 was at Olathe East High School on March 4, 2022, when students were reunited with parents following hours on lockdown — stunned after the shooting within the walls of the building.

Flash-forward to now, Yeager recalls a 65-person meeting interrupted by the news.

While he’s proud of staff’s immediate response, the district now has new tech in employees’ hands. All staff have badges that — if pushed three times — will call for help.

“If the badge is pushed eight times in terms of the button, every single staff member adult in our district has the ability to put a building on lockdown, and it immediately happens,” Yeager said.

“And that’s one of our learnings that day, that even though we’ve practiced drills and lockdowns for years, one of the challenges that day was where we had mass groups of kids.”

That action alerts all connected devices about the lockdown, Yeager said.

But beyond material change, the district has renewed focus on the phrase, “See something, say something.”

According to court documents, another student made staff aware of the presence of a gun at the school, which allowed administrators to separate Elmore from the rest of the student body.