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RAYTOWN, Mo — The Raytown School District continues to investigate a situation at Raytown High School where a teacher allegedly used a racial slur in class Wednesday while students were present.

The school district did not release many details of the circumstances surrounding the incident, which is what parents want to know.

“As a Black person, I’m never comfortable with anybody using that word. Black people or white people,” parent Victor Frierson said.

Parents waiting to pick up their children outside of Raytown High School on Thursday were aware of the incident at the school where, as the school district put it, “A teacher used the N-word during a discussion with students in their class.”

After addressing the incident with students, the district sent an alert to parents saying in part:

“We think it is important to share information regarding this incident with the entire Raytown High School community to reinforce our stance on such behavior and open the lines of communication for other students and families who may be aware of this incident.”

Parents told FOX4 that they want more.

“I feel like ain’t nobody in that class not heard that word, so I feel like it was just the way she used it and they’re not giving us any information on how the teacher used it,” parent Kayla Tyler said. “My opinion I can’t really say because I don’t know the whole situation.”

Students who say they were in the classroom during the incident told FOX4 that in response to students swearing, the teacher admonished them by saying, “I am tired of hearing the F-word and the N-word,” but said the complete words.

The school district would not confirm the students’ accounts of the incident. A spokesperson said the incident is still under investigation and, aside from the context, the word was inappropriate.

Parents like Frierson feel like they’re in limbo.

“It’s hard to say because I don’t know what the context was,” he said. “I don’t really think there’s a proper use for that word in public settings. I am not sure what the kids can learn from it.”

The school district would not comment on any potential disciplinary action the teacher could face.