PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. — On Monday the Shawnee Mission school board voted 7-0 to approve a new boundary between Tomahawk and Briarwood elementary schools to help balance student enrollment. 

Maximum capacity for elementary schools within the Shawnee Mission School District (SMSD) falls between a range of 525-575 students. Currently Briarwood Elementary is the only elementary school in the district to exceed that limit. 

Earlier this year, a work group made up of parents, district staff and community members were tasked with brainstorming potential boundary changes to balance enrollment. The work group met several times to study enrollment reports, analyze public input and develop a concept recommendation dubbed Concept 2. 

Concept 2 sets the break between Tomahawk and Briarwood boundary along Roe Avenue, 79th Street and 83rd Street.

The board approved the plan, and it’s scheduled to go into effect in August 2025. 

Based on current enrollment projections, Briarwood would continue to be over capacity until the new Tomahawk building opens for the 2025-26 school year. 

Under the new plan, all 2025-26 Briarwood sixth grade students, and any of their siblings enrolled as of Monday, will be able to stay at Briarwood, but the school district will not provide transportation. 

Based on community input, the board will also allow all 2025-26 fifth grade students to remain in their 2024-25 attendance boundary, but the school district will not provide transportation for those students.