KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Missouri commission votes to revoke the charter that allows a Kansas City charter school to operate.

Members of the Missouri Charter Public School Commission voted 6-1 Wednesday to revoke Genesis School’s charter, effective June 30, 2023. The State Board of Education has the final say in the decision.

Genesis says its board is exploring all options, including appealing the decision to the State Board of Education, and other legal avenues.

The Missouri Charter Public School Commission said it made the decision to revoke Genesis School’s charter based on evidence that it is underperforming, and has struggled during three of the last four school years. It also claims Genesis has failed for years to successfully prepare students for college.

In a statement posted online, Genesis School says the results of the vote are disappointing.

While the commission presented data showing only 13% of students performed at grade level or above in English and math during the 2021-22 school year, Genesis says the data doesn’t show the entire picture.

A fair analysis of Genesis data during the contract clearly shows improved academic performance, in contrast with state and local post pandemic trends.  Genesis met the conditions approved by the State Board at renewal in 2020, despite the pandemic.  Since renewal, our academic results show growth and improvement, despite an unprecedented pandemic.  Growth and improvement from pre-pandemic levels is not common within KC, the state or the nation.

Genesis School Statement

Genesis also claims closing the school is a violation of the contract between the Missouri Charter Public School Commission and the school’s board. Genesis signed a new contract with the board in July. The contract extends the school’s charter to 2025.

Ultimately, Genesis School says the Charter Commission is required to sponsor schools that serve at-risk students.

“This Commissioners’ process has neither been fair nor focused on the best interests of the students Genesis serves. The Board continues to look for ways to allow the institution to continue to serve the needs of students, families and community,” Genesis School said in a statement.