KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Come this fall, some students in Kansas City Public Schools will have new school supplies. But this time, it’s not one more thing for parents to buy.

It’s a free technology donation from Verizon and Digital Promise.

“Academic achievement can’t help but be impacted when you’re addressing issues head on,” Paseo Academy of Fine & Performing Arts computer/tech teacher Stephanie Kimbrough said.

The Verizon Innovative Learning Initiative paid for iPads, data plans and a tech coach for students and teachers at four KCPS schools.

The four schools selected are Central High School, Central Middle School, Foreign Language Academy, and Paseo Academy of Fine & Performing Arts.

The district said the value is more than $2 million for each school.

“Imagine some of our students with different deficits, then they come in and they’re addressed whether its academical or physical,” Kimbrough said.

Every student and teacher will receive an iPad with a four-year data plan installed.

Central High School Principal Anthony Holland said this puts schools in Kansas City’s urban core on the same playing field.

“It means a lot,” Holland said. “It means that there are people that are willing to put us in a position to win and making sure that we have the same technological advantages that other schools have.”

The four KCPS schools are among 31 new schools joining the 10th year of the initiative, bringing the program to nearly 600 middle and high schools nationwide.