RAYMORE, Mo. — FOX4 has been asking you to tell us about your favorite metro teachers, and this story features our first winner. Our inaugural Teacher of the Month goes to the most nominated teacher: Preschool teacher Amanda Myers from Farmschool at Lolly & Pop’s.

“There’s so much to be learned outside. Every day we learn something new,” Myers said.

About five years ago, she took her church’s preschool of four small children, and turned it into “Farmschool.”

“Farmschool is an outdoor school. We focus more on getting the kids outside, keeping them busy,” she explained.

Preschoolers come to her hobby farm in Raymore where they spend most of the day – three of their four hours – outside, no matter the weather. In the winter they come to school in snow pants and boots.

Lolly and Pop’s Farm School curriculum is mostly centered around outdoor learning. The kids learn how to care for small farm animals: chickens, rabbits, goats, and pigs – even a cow and a miniature pony. They play games, sing songs, and dance. Then they go indoors for more structured academics and lunch.

“We do ABCs and 123s as well. We find that to be important, but more importantly, we think Farmschool builds the child as a whole, teaches them farm chores, teaches them about the weather, teaches them how to take care of other things and themselves,” she said.

“And once you see that happening in such young children, that’s very exciting.”

They teach two classes of 30 kids and have a wait list of more than 200 families.

“I was not a teacher before. I have seven children of my own, so I’m an at-home mom. And I love the Marine Corps and I love being an at-home mom. And now I have my dream job of running a farm school, which is just awesome,” she said.

So many people nominated Ms. Amanda for FOX4 Teacher of the Month, we had to meet her and see Farmschool for ourselves. She is using the $750 dollar prize for a scholarship.

“We pick one family a year that we think would benefit from Farmschool and this money is going right to that scholarship program, so we can’t thank you enough for what you’re doing.”

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