Teen author laying the groundwork for future of stardom

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OLATHE, Kan. -- A lot of people are chasing stardom but it seems many take the wrong path or don't want to put in the hard work to make it happen. That's not the case with this week's FOX 4 Young Achiever, a teenager who writes about fame and stardom and looks to be rapidly getting there herself -- for all the right reasons.

It was 'Mix It Up Day' at Olathe North High School and senior Tobi Gbile led the charge, encouraging students to sit and at lunch with someone they didn't know well, or didn't know at all.

"The main aspect," said Tobi, "Is to kind of get people talking to different people and branching out of their comfort zone to really get to meet the different people in their school."

'Mix It Up Day' is a project of a North High student organization called SASH, Students Achieving Social Harmony.

"It's really taught me a lot about the diversity that was in my community and in my school," said Tobi. "And it's really taught me a lot about how to deal with different people from different socio-economic backgrounds and cultural and gender backgrounds than me."

SASH has been a priority for Tobi all through high school and with her dedicated and creative leadership, club membership has more than doubled.

"She's been making an impact since her freshman year, which is crazy because most freshmen are just trying to find their way to their locker," saidSASH sponsor Careth Palmer.

If there's anything Tobi loves more than working in SASH, it's cheerleading. She captains the North High cheer squad and has achieved All-American Cheerleader status.

"Not only has it made me a more physically fit person," said Tobi about cheerleading, "But it's also really shown me the importance of teamwork and making new friends and making sure to get out of your comfort zone."

And just like SASH, cheer has enabled Tobi to build herself into a strong, effective and widely admired all-around school leader who has amassed an astonishing array of high level accomplishments.

"I just find Tobi's sincere humbleness probably her biggest trait that stands out for me," said Palmer. "And she's always trying to find the positive. She's always upbeat. She's always smiling. And I think that's huge with why she is so successful. I can't imagine the amount of stress she has to be under to do all the things she does."

Things like becoming a published author. Tobi actually wrote The Stunnerz as a freshman, cranking out a couple chapters every weekend. And she got this novel about four girls seeking stardom published last year. What's more, she's written four sequels and is getting them book-ready.

"I've really been interested in Hollywood and teen Hollywood as long as I've lived and I've always wanted to be a star," said Tobi. "And all the characters started to come from me from the different characters I liked on TV at the time."

Tobi has big, ambitious plans for her published novel and the sequels. She wants to make them into a movie series.

"What motivates me so much is that, I feel like, if I've been blessed with all these different talents, I shouldn't just let them fritter away on the shelf," said Tobi. "I should put them to use. I want to make sure that when I do achieve that fame, if I do, if I keep working for it, I'll be able to give back to my parents, the community and all the people who have helped me become the person that I am today."

A real star.

Oddly enough, for a young woman so intrigued about the concept of fame and stardom, Tobi has a main career goal you wouldn't normally put in that category. She hopes one day to be a hospital administrator and she's applied to several top U.S. universities to get started on that.

To get a copy of Tobi's Book, The Stunnerz, go to www.authorhouse.com, www.tobigbile.com, www.barnesandnoble.com (for Nook) or www.amazon.com (for Kindle).

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